Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

 Last Tuesday Jo from Living Eggs gave us eleven eggs that were 19 days old, an incubator to let them hatch in and a brooder. We were very lucky to have them with us.  Last Wednesday it was pretty uneventful because they were only pipping which is their beaks knocking on the shells trying to come out. Then last Thursday the opposite happened because when Mrs Agnew came to school three eggs had hatched.

 So she got the food and their water ready in the brooder. When I came to school, eight eggs had hatched and three chicks were in the brooder. Their feathers were all puffed up and they were so cute and adorable. 

After when we had done St Johns learning in the Library, we saw that all of the eggs hatched. We were very excited the next day Mrs Agnew let us hold the chicks I was very nervous Daniel helped us take out the chicks they were so soft. Daniel got to take the chicks home for one weekend and he brought them back on the Monday. We noticed that they had grown a lot.
On Tuesday one of the chicks jumped over another chick so I named the chick Jump. When I held Jump he tried to get away but I held him tightly. I think he is really cute.

On Thursday before Easter, Jo came back to our class and took all the chicks back to the farm. I was sad but it was a good experience.

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