Tuesday, 13 April 2021

My Blog Profile By Justin.


Hello everyone! My name is Justin and I’m a Filipino. I’m 8 years old. My school is St. Patrick’s. I’m in Room 6 and my teacher is Miss Kyle. In my family, I have three brothers, a sister, two uncles and an auntie. My goal for this year is to be a good friend to everyone. I want to be good at drawing too. My hobby is playing my ukulele at home. My favorite subject is Math because it’s easy for me. I like action video games and delicious chocolate.

Wednesday, 7 April 2021

Chicks in Room 6

 Last Tuesday Jo from Living Eggs gave us eleven eggs that were 19 days old, an incubator to let them hatch in and a brooder. We were very lucky to have them with us.  Last Wednesday it was pretty uneventful because they were only pipping which is their beaks knocking on the shells trying to come out. Then last Thursday the opposite happened because when Mrs Agnew came to school three eggs had hatched.

 So she got the food and their water ready in the brooder. When I came to school, eight eggs had hatched and three chicks were in the brooder. Their feathers were all puffed up and they were so cute and adorable. 

After when we had done St Johns learning in the Library, we saw that all of the eggs hatched. We were very excited the next day Mrs Agnew let us hold the chicks I was very nervous Daniel helped us take out the chicks they were so soft. Daniel got to take the chicks home for one weekend and he brought them back on the Monday. We noticed that they had grown a lot.
On Tuesday one of the chicks jumped over another chick so I named the chick Jump. When I held Jump he tried to get away but I held him tightly. I think he is really cute.

On Thursday before Easter, Jo came back to our class and took all the chicks back to the farm. I was sad but it was a good experience.

Tuesday, 17 November 2020

"Word Fairies" visit Room 6

Yesterday Mrs Kearns and her friend, Carol from the Pakuranga Rotary club, gave the year 4's a brand new dictionary. They  gave  dictionaries  to 20,000 children in Tonga and Samoa last year  too. I'm really excited to read all of it and use new words in my writing. 

Tuesday, 20 October 2020

The Best Day Of My Life


    The Best Day Of My Life

During the second lockdown this year, at about 8:00pm my brother decided to let me play on his gaming monitor. I felt really privileged because this doesn’t happen often. 

`After dinner, which was delicious rice and KFC, I dashed into my brother’s room with excitement. I was playing on his monitor and my favourite game is Field Trip Z.

 At the same time I was listening to Life is fun. When my sister finished her dinner she came into the room  and she was jealous because she likes playing on the monitor too. She asked me if she could have a turn so I got off the monitor, and let her play .

Luckily for me, my dad let me play on his phone. I felt so happy that my sister and I were able to play at the same time. It was a good time.

Tuesday, 22 September 2020

My Whakapapa Journey


Justin’s Whakapapa Journey 

My Grandma and my auntie and uncle live in the Philippines with my three brothers. My parents and I live in New Zealand. My Grandma is very kind and not very strict. My two uncles are a little bit sporty and not big gamers. My three brothers are gamers and a little sporty except one of my brothers who is a good guitarist and a basketball player. He has a gaming monitor that he built and also my two brothers play PUBG. My Mum is nice and is a good cook but gets mad sometimes with me or my sister if we do not listen. My dad is very nice and he cares for me alot.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Helping Dad

During Lent I am going to help my dad to clean my toys in the toy box.  I am also going to help my mum to do the dishes.